Tuesday, February 15, 2011

VaLentine LeftOvers

So, how was yours? Full of love I hope.  We had a nice day. Filled with lots of treats. Just how Valentines should be.

Thought I would post a few pics of the treats we handed out. I know a little late, but I bothered to take the pictures...so, save them for next year. Or, adapt them to work for St. Patty's...change heart shapes for shamrocks and pink for green, easy as that.

My preschooler took a few of these Valentine SmOre Pops last week for his treat.  He's a huGe fan of anything smore so as soon as I found these (can't remember where, sorry!) I knew I had to make them.  And they were a cinch.

First: I cut the gram crackers with a metal heart shaped cookie cutter.  Really wasn't as hard as it sounds.  Just make sure you apply even pressure when your pressing down.

Second: Place your cut crackers on a cookie sheet add a few marshmallows (I used the pink heart shaped ones...kind of a nice twist with the strawberry flavor).

Third: Sprinkle some chocolate chips on top of the marshmallows.  Probably would have been just as easy to put a square of chocolate bar.

Fourth: Place in the oven and broil for about 2 minutes...but watch them carefully!  You can end up with charcoal quicker than you think...not that I would know :)

Fifth: Plop another cracker on top of that melted, gooey goodness.  Stick in a lolli stick if you'd like and enjOy!

I wrapped a few up in a cello bag and tied with a little ribbon for easier transport.

Now for a treat for the teachers.  These we handed out yesterday along with our Framed VaLentines.  I've seen these a few places but most recently on eighteen25, which is also where I found the printable.  These were super easy to make and so, so cute to look at.  I love anything covered in sprinkles!

I found the cute takeout boxes at Michaels...they're probably on clearance now.

Didn't get a great picture of my cookies, but you get the idea and I was originally going to try this recipe, but ran out of time.  So, I bought the cookies at the grocery store (oriental food isle) melted some candy melts and dipped one end of the cookie in the candy then in the sprinkles.

Then I boxed them up and handed them out...but only to the teachers that we're fortunate to have.  Totally kidding.  Love them all.

And another super fun treat that could be used any time of the year...Pudding Parfaits.  We made these for an Activity Days treat.  They were yummy and again, so cute!  I didn't take any pictures of ours, but I found the idea here and am borrowing one of their pictures...hope they don't mind :)

We did ours with chocolate cupcakes and added marshmallows and chocolate chips to the layers.  The girls loved them!  If you want all the details on how to make them visit Bee in our Bonnet, they'll tell you how.

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Unknown said...

I'm so glad your girls liked the parfaits. Thanks for featuring them! So, I was just looking through your blog and I can't even handle the cuteness. Your nursery, the cupcakes, the activity day stuff... What a find. I'm going to have to make fickle pickle a regular stop.