Sunday, June 12, 2016

Need a Sign?

Sometimes we just need a sign to steer us in the right direction. Am I right? Well here's your sign!! I've started up a new little hobby along with my partner in crime/bestie. We make signs. Signs of all kinds...

We're getting really excited because after a lot of hard work and time spent we are finally ready to start selling these happy little signs. We're having our, very first Insta sell this week, starting Monday morning (June 13th).  If you have a sec come check us out on Instagram @vintagefreshsignco! You might just find the sign your looking for.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Oh hey! Remember me?

Oh hey there fickle friends!! Remember that one time when I had a baby and said I'll see you in just a few? Bet you didn't know I meant a few YEARS!! 😂 Yeah. Neither did I. Many warned me that the third kid would rock my world and throw me off my game and sorts of crazy things. And I was all like, yeah sure, what's one more. And then. Well, my world was rocked. And tipped. And tossed. And flipped right upside down.

This little girl has been the most fun, wild, exciting adventure yet and I love her dearly and have appreciated this break from blogging to spend with her and my little family. But now, well she's five!! And I'm starting to panic because she starts kindergarten in the fall and will be leaving me home, all alone! All of the sudden I will be without a friend/sidekick/pal by my side all day long. I'm not quite sure just how I am feeling about it. So here I am. Begging you all to be my friend/sidekick/pal again. That is, if there is anyone still here??

I've got a new venture that I've recently started (remember when I told you i was fickle 😏) along with my cousin/bestie (who is also dealing with losing her kids to the public school system soon). To help ease ourselves into this next phase of our lives and just to plain old keep ourselves busy, we've started a small handmade wood sign business.

We're super excited to share what we've been working on, and even get an Etsy shop up and running soon. Much more on that to come (if you're super anxious and just can't wait you can check us out on Instagram @vintagefreshsignco ...there just might be a GIVEAWAY going on that you can enter to win a free sign).

But for now, just checking in hoping to reconnect with those who have hung in there with me all these years and perhaps find new friends out there in the land of blog. Leave us a comment, let us know you're there!! We'll be back soon. Promise this time for real. 😉