Friday, January 29, 2010

LoVe on the WaY

I finished up the GivEawaY shirt and will be mailing it out soon (sent you an email Lindsay)...thought I would give a sneaky peek...

Hope you enjoy it!  I 'loVed' it so much I figured I'd make another...

I have a friend who had a baby nearly 3 months ago and I'm just now getting around to gifting her.  I suck.  Better late than never, right?  I was excited about the little heart cardi I found at Target to go with it...isn't it sweet?  Ahhh, I need a girL.

Coming up...I've been working on some new (to me anyway, they're everywhere!) shabby, twisty flowers...very excited to finish a few things up with those and show you soon.  Here's another peek...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

CuPid Puke

Gross I know. But, that's how I would describe this...


I made these with my kiddos last year for a little V-daY decor, thought I would share them here. I was inspired by Martha and her CuPid puKe hearts.  Hers seem a tad more Cupid, and little less PuKe.  Whatever Martha.

Here's how we did ours.  First I grated some crayons...yes, on the same grater I grate my cheese.  Then let the kiddos have at it.  Sprinkle your shavings about on a piece of wax paper like so...


Sometimes it helps to wipe a little on your shirt.


Next step...iron.  I would probably put a towel over the wax paper before you do so.  Once they've cooled, cut out your heart shapes...and voila...CuPid PuKe to decorate the home with.  Fabulous.


A few more Valentine ideas (all from last year...sorry if it's a repeat to some of you).  Make your own Valentine cards to let others know HoO loves them...




And for those whose kids insist on purchasing the UgLY SpideY hoLogram ValentiNes...attatch a cute lolli and some scrap paper...make yourself feel better about letting him hand them out to his class.



Have a teacher that could use some chocolate?  Another way to make those UgLy candy boxes better...



Tuesday, January 26, 2010

LuckY Number...

First before I tell you who won I must tell you how very technical the number picking process was.  It went something like this:

Me:  Hey, pick a number between 1 and 15.

the Hubs:  fourteen.

Me:  Thanks.

Which, by the way, I thought was very fitting for a Valentines Tee.  It happens to be his basketball number, I should have guessed that would be what he picked.  Anyway...


That means Lindsay B., you are the winner!  Congratulations.  I will be making your shirt some time this week and hope to get it in the mail by this weekend.  I'll be emailing you for your address and info.  Thanks so much to everyone who played.  Stay tuned for more giveaways in the near future...I'm having too much fun with this!

Monday, January 25, 2010

The PoM pOm Gone WrOnG wRoNg

I've been helping my mom a little with some decorations for a meeting she's having at chruch (a.k.a. Visiting Teaching Conference).  Anyway, we had the idea to make some PoM pOm topiary thingys, so I got started on few of them the other night.  Well.  It didn't go so well.  I have made these before and they actually did turn out...but this time I was not so lucky...or...maybe I was.  After I decided the poms were not going the way I wanted, I decided to take a detour and ended coming up with a little V-day decoration for myself.  Anybody else ever start out with one thing in mind and end up with something completely different in the end?  I do...a lot.

I took the would be pom poms and cut them in half and stuffed them into a basket with some bright green hydrangeas (fake) I had on my coffee table.  I kinda liked the color combo, especially for Valentines.  So the wheels started spining.  I remembered a post I saw here the other day and used it as my inspiration.  And would you believe it...I ended up with yet another banner to hang across my mantle (I'm donating the LOVE banner to Etsy).  This one is a bit different though...

The PoM pOm Banner.

I used scrap paper and newspaper (that the hubs went and dug out of the snow for me very late that evening) to make the smaller poms.  Funny thing is, we don't get the paper...somehow we ended up with a one on our driveway??  Hope the neighbor isn't missing their sports page...cause I do believe most of it is hanging above my fireplace at the moment.  Oops.  Just a note to you all, leave your belongings in my yard at your own risk  :)

It's kind of fun having bits of pink around the house, it's not a popular color in this home.  I'm alone in my girly here.  There are boys everywhere I look.  So far there have not been any complaints...but I'm just waiting.  My 3 year old wants nothing to do with PiNk and often tells me "it fo gwirls"!  Perhaps that's why I'm sharing it here...hoping somebody will appreciate it.  Wouldn't these be fun for a birthday party?

**Winner will be announced sometime in the morning (tuesday)...I'm very excited.  Thanks to all who have entered and shown interest.  You're all very kind.**

Sunday, January 24, 2010

To Do List

I'm posting this here really for my sake (but I'm sure you all can benefit).  I have some projects that I would like to accomplish here in the near future and figure this is a great place to keep the "to do list".  So pardon me for a moment while I catalog my thoughts...

I have to make this before the year is up (I say that, but it may really take me that long).  I found it here and think the idea is ingenious!  Art that reminds you to keep your resolutions.  Let's face it...I could use a reminder.

I also would love to have a few of these...3 words...Pillows. Numbers.  Rick Rac.  Okay, 4 words.  LoVE TheM.  Found them here.  Love this woman, she's crazy talented...AND she's a redhead.

And who wouldn't want to hang one of these on their shoulder?  I've seen these almost EveRYwHeRE...but think this is the tutorial I will be using.  I love all the CRaP she makes...speaking of, I almost crapped when I saw she left me comment today!  She's famous in my book.  Made my day.

That, by far, is just a drop in the bucket.  I'm trying to keep it to a minimum.  There are only so many hours in one day...and somehow, I always run out of them.

P.S. Don't forget to enter the t-shirt giveaway (below).  Do it soon.  Closes on Monday at midnight.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sharin' Some LOvE {a GiveAwaY}

I feel like sharin' some love today.  But before we get to that...

The ScaLLoped LoVe BaNneR. We all know I  have a little addiction.  I've almost got one for every season now.  If you're interested in a tute, I found a few around the here.  I made my scallops a little bit bigger and used ribon instead of bunting or fabric for the top.

Now, did I say something about a giveaway?  In honor of the season of LoVE, I thought it would be fun to share a little.  So here's what I've got.  I'm giving away an I {HeaRt} MoM (or DaD) tatoo tee/onesie or a LOVE tee/onesie (pictures below). 

boys I {heart} Mom onesie.

girls I {heart} Dad tee.

girls LOVE tee

All you have to do is pick which shirt you like best, then sign up to be a follower on the side bar (if you are already one that counts too) and leave a comment telling me what shirt design you want and what size.  Shirt colors and styles may vary from those pictured.  Depends on what I can find.  So there you have it.  Easy.  You share some love, I'll share some love.  Giveaway closes Monday at midnight.  I'll post the winner on Tuesday (next week).

Now if your looking to share a little love somewhere else.  Haiti sure could use some.

Craft Hope for Haiti on Etsy. Crafters around the world have donated their crafts and proceeds from their sells are going to Doctors without Boarders.  They have stopped taking craft donations for the next little bit, they've been overwhelmed, but I intend to donate a few items once they start taking them again...really one person can only have so many banners.  They've already sold 10,000 items and have raised over $20,000 (as of yesterday).  I loved this quote the had on their blog...

"A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history." --Gandhi

The shop is still open to purchase these donated items.  So go.  Shop.  Share some love.  And alter the course of history while you do it.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

SpeciaL DeLivery

Note!  MeGaN H.  this post includes the items I will be sending to you...if are wanting to be surprised...look NO further.

I'm very excited because my cute sis-in-law FiNaLLY had her sweet baby boy just this past week. So you know what that means...I got to break out the sewing machine. Yay!  Instead of going to the store and purchasing one outfit that would last maybe a month (you know how fast those babies grow) I came up with the idea to do a years worth of onesies...a shirt for every season.  Here's just a bit of what I've been working on...

His name is Tate. Cute. And he is from the land of potato (Idaho).  So it was obvious there needed to be a "tater" shirt.

And you can't cultivate those potatoes with out one of these...

For Spring/Easter...

I'm not finished with this one quite yet...but thought I would post it while I'm posting.  I totally photoshopped his little legs in :)

For HaLLoween...

One more...Valentines is just around the corner (this one happens to be my favorite)...

I loved it so much I had to make one for each of my little guys.

These are on their way tomorrow Mr. Tate.  We are so excited you are here and CANNOT wait to meet you!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Another Activity Day Activity...

I'm posting another activity, hope you all don't mind.  Turns out the blog is a good place to "store" my ideas, incase they need to be remembered at a later date.  Anyway, speaking of remembering things...for this activity we made journals and journal jars. The goal: getting these girls (ages 10 & 11) excited about keeping their journals, or as we discussed, thier autobiographies.  Something for them to look back at with thier spouses, children and grandchildren.  Something about them, by them.  I wish I had kept a better journal when I was little.  But that I did not.  It's so fun to go back and read the few entries my hubs wrote in his journal (his parents made him, good on them!) when he was about the same age as these girls...a good LaUGh!
Most pages say something to the effect...
"I had a basketball game today.  We won.  I was the best player." 
It's nice to know that he was just as staight to the point then as he is now :)

Okay on with the journals...
First we took a couple of notebooks.

And covered them with scrapbook paper.

Then we made the jars.

Typed up some questions, printed them up and cut them into strips...

Then we folded those up and stuffed them in our jars.

Added a little fabric, and there you have it...they turned out something like this...

If you're interested in the link for the questions let me know, I'll look it up again and post it.

EdiTed to aDd:  Okay, so I couldn't find where I found the questions...Of cOuRse!  But I did have them saved in Word, so I made a post just for the questions HeRe.  Click it.