Friday, September 10, 2010

Did you know?

Did you know that if you make your email address readily available to people (say on your blog), they just may send you an email and expect a response! 
Hah.  Just something I learned today.  Thought I'd share.  
Apparently just because I don't check my email, doesn't mean they don't keep coming...and coming.
It's obvious I've been a slacker. 
No posts to speak of for nearly a month and even before then they've been very spotty.
Not checking the email, for no good reason other than laziness.
And you know what else, I don't think I've touched a single craft in weeks (*GaSp*).

So here's the disclosure:
I'm being lazy, because I've decided sometimes I'm entitled.
I'm sorry I haven't responded to emails...and let's be truthful...I really don't intend to (unless I owe you money for orders that I won't be filling).
Which leads me to the next item...I'm really NOT taking orders.  Really.
And thanks very much for the offers, but I haven't and won't be participating in any boutiques this fall...except maybe attending them.
Lastly, I'm willing to be anybody's friend who wants to be mine :)  Thanks for the kind comments!

Hope that clears it up for everyone.  Don't mean to be mean.  Just trying to cover it all in one short post here...again, laZy.

I really do appreciate those who humor me and this blog.  You are very kind, all of you.