Saturday, May 29, 2010

Rip oFF

Okay, I totally ripped off this shirt. 
Sometimes I need a little inspiration, so I look around in other places to help me get creatative...I'm not the only, am I?  I found this one here...

(Mini Boden USA $24.00)

And then I made this one...

(Walmart & a little time and effort...less than $4.00)

I'm loving how this one turned out.

Another HaPpY customer.
He calls it his Sk8 boaRd Dude shiRt.

If you're looking for a tutorial on the freezer paper stenciling, start here.
I also borrowed the embroidery idea from her...lover her, she's pretty much genius.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Fun Freezer Paper Tees

So I've had these on my desk (er, craft table) for quite some time now waiting to be finished up. 
Another take on the tee.  Freezer paper stenciling.  Have you seen these around?  I've seen them here and there and thought I would try my hand at them.  They are so fun and not too hard to do!  I've made a couple of them now and will show each one for the next couple of days as to not make this post super long.

First I found some plain front tees ( boys LOVE the muscle tees) and a bit of fabric paint (Joanns).  I already had the freezer paper from previous I was off to make my tees.

I decided to start with a shirt for my 3 year old.  He has outgrown his favorite t-shirt (finally!), a pirate t-shirt, but he cannot bring himself to 'hang it up' for good...still tries to sneak it on, EVERY DAY, and I'm afraid it is no longer containing his little belly. So to make this transition a little eaiser for him (and me) I made up a new pirate shirt using this template for the skull and crossbones.

Here's how it turned out...

After I stenciled the skull I added some applique...

And then a little embroidery stitching...

He is a huge fan!  He tells me almost daily, "I wuv my new pirate shirt, Momma!"

And that's good enough for me.  ArrGh.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Teacher Appreciation Gifts

My little guy is graduating from preschool tomorrow morning. So because he will be saying goodbye to his preschool teacher for good, I thought we'd whip up a little something to tell her thanks for all she has done over the past two years.  We love Miss Amy!

I came up with a couple of these ideas on my own...and couple I borrowed from others (thanks for sharing). 

I decided to go with the apple theme.  When I think teacher, I think apple.  So what better to go with the apple theme than cute little bag of...

I used a small paper lunch sack trimmed it down a bit, folded the top over, then filled it with a few apples and attched an apple sticker to the front of the sack. Quick and easy.

Now if you're looking for something a little more cheesy you could whip out the corny sayings, such as:

You're "Simply" the best (Simply Apple Juice)

Or, You're "MaG"nificent! (ABC magnets)

Or what about, You're o"Fish"ally the best! (Sweedish Fish)

Or if you're like me and don't know where to draw the line, you could load it ALL up in to a trash can and attach a tag that says...
Learning with you was no "Waste"

Now if you need a little help getting started, here's an apple tag to get you going.
Print.  Cut.  Attach.  Done.

And if you're feeling cheesy...

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Moms and Muffins

We held our "Moms & Muffins" breakfast this past weekend for the Activity Day girls.
It was lots of fun and I think everyone had a good time (I never really know...preteens are hard to read...almost as bad as their teenaged friends).  We did have a good turn out, everyone came in fancy hats as was requested.  The party was meant to have a tea party theme.  So we had breakfast with our moms (muffins, obviously), gave awards for their decked out tea party hats, and then took pictures of the girls with their moms.
And now I can more down.

Anyway thought I would share a few pics of the decorations.
First, here's the invite I made up in Photoshop.

I know! 8:00 in the A.M.! 
That's so early for me to up and functioning correctly.  But schedules had to be worked around.  Busy girls.
Here's a bit of an overview of the tables.

And a little bit closer in on the details.

I used a lot of decorations from around the house (cheap) but did have to fluff it up a bit further.  I made pink pOm PoMs (already had the blue and green) and strung a few paper doilies, then made a few of the rosette balls (above)...and there you have it, ready for a party.

Monday, May 17, 2010

It's a Matilda Jane Party!

My cute friend is having a Matilda Jane Party this weekend at her home. 
If you're in the area you MUST come have a look...seriously THE cutest stuff ever! 


Here are the details:
Hostess: Tiffany George

When: Saturday, May 22nd

Time: 11am – 1pm (Open House)

Place: 2611 N. 3375 W. Plain City

RSVP: 801-941-8319 (Call if you need directions)

Don’t Forget: Bring your daughters and enter them into the MJC Cover-Girl Contest

If you are unable to attend, but would like to place an order, feel free to call or email our Trunk Keeper, Becky. You can shop online at and then click on ‘the goods’. You can choose from any of the categories. Instead of adding items to a shopping cart you’ll add them to a wish list and you can print it off and bring it to the show or email it to becky at and she’d be more than happy to help you place an order on Tiff's show.

Becky Jeide
Matilda Jane Clothing

Utah Trunk Keeper ID# 203


Go have a sneaky peek...