Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More for Mom

As promised here is a bit more for Mom. 
Along with the flowers we made for our mom's, my Activity Day girls are going to 'make' a jar of bath salts.   Homemade bathsalts was my intention in the begining. I wanted to make them from scratch using Martha's recipe...
You need only four ingredients to make these moisturizing exfoliants. The base can be made from either Epsom salts or sugar, depending on whether you want a large or fine grain. Color the scrubs with shades that are in keeping with some of the scents you use -- pink with grapefruit, for example, or green with eucalyptus. Makes about 2 1/3 cups.

Tools and Materials:

2 cups Epsom salts or organic cane sugar

1 cup carrier oil

8 drops essential oil(s)

1 drop food coloring

Special equipment: plastic pipette, canning jars

Great idea, huh?  Yes, but then I went to look for all the supplies and ended up not finding everything I needed and realized that it was probably cheaper to buy it done for us already in a big bag like this...
Edited to add:  I found these at Walmart

All we need to do is add some food coloring to add a touch of color,

Top with our flowers and we're done.

Don't know if I can qualify that as a whole activity...but I figure it will leave us time to write a nice letter to our mom's that we can attach to our almost homemade bath salts :) 
It's the thought that counts, right?

Monday, April 26, 2010

One day you're in...

Remember these?

They don't look like that anymore...not exactly anyway.  Nothing in this house is safe.  One day you're in, the next're getting painted over. 

After I the hubs painted the walls and I started to redecorate the playroom, I decided I wanted to change up the ABC cavases.  I still liked the idea of having the big cavases and was even okay with keeping the letters. I just wasn't digging the colors.  There was an explosion of color going on and the plan was to tone it down a bit.  So instead of going out and purchasing something else to put on the walls...I got to work...

scraped off the old...

slapped on some new paint (gave these a distressed look)...

and ended up with this...

Which I'm currently loving.  But only time will tell how long that will last :)   

I explained how I made these the first time here.  I did pretty much the same thing this time, only I used my Cricut to cut out these letters. 

I've only got A-N so far...I ran out of cardstock and have had a hard time finding white 12x12 in stock anywhere.  And thus, the playroom awaits it's debut...well, that and there are a few other projects I'd like to get done first.  Perhaps one day it will all be together...that is if I get it done before I change my mind again...

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I don't do tea parties.

So I was put in charge of decorating for a little "Mom's and Muffins" get together we're having for ALL of the Acitivity Day girls and their moms here in the next couple of weeks.  That means 30 plus girls (ages 8-11) and their moms will be in attendence...yikes.  The 'theme' or 'style' for the party is going to be 'Garden Tea Party'...and I'm not real sure I know what that is.  You see, I grew up with one little brother and now have little boys of my own and none of the previously mentioned have ever requested to have a garden tea party with me...ever.

So needless to say, this stresses me out just a bit (okay, not really, but I hope I'm going in the right direction here).  I've been practicing staging my tables (yes, I'm just THAT stupid and crazy) and here's what I've come up with so far...please feel free to express any thoughts, opinions, insight, judgements, HELP!! where necessary.

See those little silver trays (above)?  I got those at the dollar store.  SeriousLy!  And all of the 'tea cups' (really probably just mugs) at the DI.  I think I got all 15 or so for 4 dollars and 50 cents.  Really $4.50!  Not bad seeing as that's probably right back where they're going.

I made these rosette flower ball thingys out of crepe paper, styrofoam balls and a little hot glue.  Found this idea here...although, I may have altered mine a bit just to get them done quicker.  They took a lot longer than expected.

The rest of the stuff I found around my house (and my mom's).  These place mats are my mom's and where handsitched by my grandma.  I cannot believe her french knots!  Perfect.  Every single one of them.  They're simple and facy at the same time...and they say tea party to me.

The lace table cloth was my great grandma's, one that she used on her dinning table regularly.  It makes me want to dress up my table every night for dinner...although, I'm sure my meals would just disgrace a fancy table setting.  Really, there's no need to dress up anything when I'm cookin'.

So, what do you think?  Tea party-ish? 
Whether it is or not, it's been fun digging through this stuff that once graced the tables of my grandmothers.
I'm sure they would know how to through a {tea} party!

P.S.  Anybody know where I can find a fancy hat?  Ya know, the big brimmed kind.  Something else I don't do...the fancy hat.

3 LuckY Mommas

Thanks so much for the entries!  It was nice to read all the
comments from all you proud moms.

I happen to have 2 little boys who call me momma and I
decided that I would put them to good use and made them pick
my winning's what they came up...



and seven.

That means, Bethany, Grant Family, and Kami you are my winners. 
Please email me your mailing info so that I can get your flowers to you.
Also, if you have a color preference, please let me know! 

And my goodness, a

Happy Mother's Day

 to you all!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

a littLe somethin' for MoM

I've been making more flowers...I can't give it up.  
Actually, I was in need of a quick, easy (and not to mention, cheap) project for my Activity Day girls to do this month and decided that it should probably be something for the Moms...seeing as, Mother's Day is just around the corner.  So of course, the flower was the obvious choice.  What mom wouldn't want a nice flower to wear on her special day? 
Now, if you're thinking "I would love to have a flower to wear on Mother's Day!"  Guess what...I'm giving a few away.  In honor of Mothers Day, my 75th post and my 50 followers (it's something)...I will be giving away 3 flower pins.  All you have to do is leave a comment, tell me you're a mom (or that you have one) and I'll pick 3 winners this week on Thursday.


...But if you'd rather make one on your own, here's a tutorial on how I made mine...I know, I'm feeling generous...don't get used to it :)

First the supplies you will need:

  •  one full piece of the precut felt

  •  a button (any will do)

  •  hot glue gun

  •  a pin (or hair clip would be fun, too!)

I started by finding a cup in my cupboard to use as my template to trace circles on my felt (about 3 inches round).  Then I traced.  You'll need 6 circles per flower for the petals and then one smaller circle for the base of the flower. 

Once you get them all cut out, take your circle and fold it in half.

Then fold one corner up to make a triangle.

Then fold the other corner back to make an 'S'...something like this...

You'll need to put a dab of glue at the pointy ends on each side to hold your 'S' in place. 
Next you will start glueing your 'triangles' to your base, one at a time, making sure to center them on the base.  Also, make sure you squeeze them nice and close together so that there aren't gaps inbetween you petals.

Once you get them all on there fluff up the petals and they should look something like this...

Not bad, ehh?  But to dress them up just a bit further, glue a button right in the center.  I used fabric covered buttons (you can find kits at any craft store).  You can also cut some leaves from felt and glue them to the back it you'd like, but they're cute enough on their own to just leave them if you prefer.

Last I just glued a pin back on.


And there you have it.  You've got one fun, fashonable, felt flower.  Fabulous.

We are going to make another small craft for our mom's in the next couple of weeks (more on that to come) and these flowers will be perfect to finish off the packaging...serving a dual purpose.

Friday, April 9, 2010


Really I am. 
I just found out I was nominated for the Sunshine Award by Ana at Get Craftin...which coincidently reminded me that I've received this once before from Jami at Aint She Crazy (atleast I think so, I could be crazy) then totally forgot to follow through (sorry!).  Anyway, thanks to both of you for taking the time to mention me on your blogs, and for the very kind words that were said on my behalf.  

So now, (even though I'm not big on the chain letters, chain email, chain blog awards, etc..I just hate making people think that they HAVE to take the time out to humor me and my nonsense...hope that doesn't offend anyone, I really do appreciate your thoughtfulness...really, fLattered) it's my turn to give a shout out to some of my favoirtes...

1 & 2.  Thoroughly Modern Mommy (my cute cousin) who also happens to have a photography blog, Just Shoot Me (look at that, I can count her as two!).  She's got some way cute decorating ideas going on right now on her TMM blog.  And I can tell you from much experience...she's a very patient photographer :) I am very fortunate to have had her put up with my little family several times...which by the way Kimmy...I need to make an appointment ;)

3.  {Show and Tell}  I just found her last night and I LOVE her.  Sheez, she's quite the, love, love her framed mirror!  If I get brave, I'm gonna try this one.  You MUST go check out the rest of her projects...amazing!

4.  I am Momma...hear me ROAR!  HoLy CraP.  Love her.  First of all, she has two little boys...that alone is enough for me to think she's faboulous...I can relate.  BUT that's not all, she also makes AmaZiNg t-shirts for her boys (and shares tutorials for all of them, we all know how much I like a good tee) and even has the time to whip up a little somethin', somethin' for herself once in a while.  Check her out!

5.  A Bushel and a Peck I have to list this one just for her GREAT church ideas.  If you are in need of Activity Day activities/handouts or Young Womens handouts...this is where you NEED to go.  Her ideas are fabulous!  She also designs Logos if you are in need.
and finally (last but not least)...
6.  Everyday Chaos  I like her mostly because she cracks me up...she's funny, but also very talented.  I can't get enough of her fabric paper airplanes.  I have to find somewhere to put these!  She's got some great tutorials, too!

Okay, so now the rules for those I've nominated...take 'em or leave 'em.  Really, I won't be offended if you don't follow them :)

1. Put the logo on your blog or within your post.

2. Pass the award on to 6 other bloggers.

3. Link the nominees within your post.

4. Let the nominees know they have received this award by commenting on their blog.

5. Link back to the person from whom you received this award.

It was tough narrowing down just a few of my favorites...if you're looking for even more inspiration, visit my list (sidebar).  There are are some daNg taLented, cRazY craFty people out there!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I'm no fOoL!

First off, HaPpY foOls daY! 
Hope you're all enjoying your day of tricks, and remembering to watch your back :)

I pity da foOl today.
Alright, I haven't really got any new tricks up my sleeve to tell you about, so I had to go and borrow some. 
Have you seen the Pleated Poppy's handbag redo yet? 

Now, I'm no foOl. 
I know a good idea when I see one, and I know when it is absolutely necessary to steal these good ideas.
So that's exactly what I did.
I picked myself up a bag at ON.

Went through my scraps.

Made me a ruffle.

And a few flowers.

And ended up with this.  (I made all my flowers pins so they are interchangeable/mix and match...fiCkLe)

Even blinged up the coin purse a bit.

This one is fOoL pRoOf.  Really, easy.  And fun.  And springy.  I'm lovin' it.
For much better instruction, go here...she'll tell ya exactly how to make yours.  Don't be a fooL,!