Monday, October 25, 2010

PoiSoned ApPLes: Activity Days

So here's another not so quick but easy idea for Activity days.
I wanted to do something festive and a little creepy for Halloween for my girls this month.  I found these way cute (and a little bit creepy) beaded spiders.  At first I wasn't sure if they were going to be too complicated, but the girls had fun making them even though they were a little time consuming.  I enjoyed the craft time very much, it was a nice {QuiEt} activity.  They had to concentrate a little to get those little beads on there! 
And to add a treat to the tricks (there must ALWAYS be a treat) we did caramel apples.  Cause really, who isn't down with a little caramel apple this time of year. 

Have you used the Kraft Caramel Bits yet?  I recommend.  They melt quick and you don't have to mess with those stinkin' wrappers!

We carameled and sprinkled our apples...

Made our spooky spiders...

Ended up with a tricky treat...PoiSoned ApPLes.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

MonSteR EyeBaLLs

I've been on a desperate search for a cute little Halloween handout and found this idea here.  LOVED it!  I did exactly what I was told and ran to Michaels to find the fun little eyeball stickers...but of course, as my luck goes...they were sold out.  Believe me I searched!  Very sad, I took myself home ready to give up on the idea...when it came to me...I can make my own stickers!  And so, that's exactly what I did.
Whipped up a few EyEbaLLs in Photoshop...

(copy, paste, print...if you're interested)

Made up a few tags to match...

I cut out the eyeballs and ran them through my Xyron (sticker maker...although I'm sure a dab of glue or glue dots would work just as well), stuck them in a cello bag with a piece of cardstock in the back to make the bag a little more stiff.  Then I stuck the tag on front and there it was...MoNstER EYeBaLLs for my little monsters to handout to their monster friends.

Now if EyEbAlls aren't your thing check out another idea from it is what it is...witchy hats.  So cute!  I still may have to make a few of these...

I'm thinking moNster eYebaLLs for the boys, wiTchY haTs for the girLs...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Another Feature!

Catch My Party

If I was on top of things I would have told you that CoOper'S BiG ToP PaRty was featured on Catch my Party's "Party of the DaY" last week...but I'm lame and seem to be behind in everything these days, so I didn't.  So this is me telling you now.  And if you don't believe me you can go here to see for yourself, or don't...whatever.  I do suggest (again) that if you are looking inspiration for AnY kind of party you MUST visit their site.  Tons of great ideas!

Okay, in other news...I promise to have some sort of "ReaL" post up soon.  And as in soon, I mean sometime before Christmas...

Thursday, October 7, 2010

CraFtY SeasOn

Look at me, 3rd post in 3 days...I don't know what's gotten into me!  I'm on a roLL.  I think it has something to do with the fall season.  Something about pumpkins, the cool air and soup simmering on the stove makes me want to craft.  So I've been in the mood and decided just today that I just may break down and make something, not sure what be continued.  For now, because it's just not right to post without a pic, here's a look at my house all HaLLoWeENeD up...have you got your spook on yet?

Made these paper covered stars last year.

And this bOo burLaP baNner...

I've added a few new skulls this year.

Still one of my favorites...

And another SkuLLy...

My 3 year old asked me why I put the noodles in there (the spanish moss)...

I'm starting to think I may have as many haLLoWeEn decorations as Christmas!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

PLaNniNG a PaRtY?

So I'm sitting here eating my breakfast rice krispie treat this morning (I can count it as breakfast cause there's cereal in it, right?) looking through emails and I pull up one up from Jillian at (thanks for filling me in, by the way) who tells me I've been featured on one of my very favorite blogs...DeSiGn DaZzLe.

Design Dazzle

Have you been there?  If not you must go!  This is where I steaL  get a lot of my party inspiration, not to mention kids room decorating ideas...really good stuff!  I really cannot believe that my party made the cut.  Very flattered to be in such creative company. 
And if there isn't enough inspiration there for ya, you need to go here or here for even more party inspiration.  I had no idea of this site/blog until this morning...and could totally have used it before now!  Tons of great ideas!!

I'm always happy to learn of new blogs to visit and had to share these with you with you so you can benefit, too! 
HapPy PaRty PLanNinG!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

sOmetHiNG gOoD

Okay, so it's not that great...but it is something.  I figure that at the rate I've been blogging, I can call it good. 

Are you in need of a little HallOweEN treat?  Or something to spoOk things up a bit?  I made a couple of prints in photoshop to put out as decoration in my house and thought I would share.
Print them if you dare...ooOoohaHAHhaaaa...

 (Good to print up to 8x8)

(good to print up to 5x7)

Found the FREE digi kit here.