Friday, February 4, 2011

Love Note Baskets {Activity Days}

Can you believe I'm already posting another activity!?  I haven't even had this one yet and here it is up and ready to go.  I'm never this far ahead of schedule!
Let's just say I've got a serious case of the gotta-get-everything-done...and gotta do it NOW.

So in keeping with the Valentines theme I decided that it would be appropriate for Activity Days to have a little lesson on Loving One Another.  Okay really, I wanted an excuse to use this SO CUTE idea from Becky HigginsLoVe this!  She always has the most amazing ideas...and GREAT printouts.

I printed up her free printables here (I did have to make up my own card for the lOve note instructions). 

Then found these cute lOveY note pads at Target.

I lOved Becky's recipe card box idea, but couldn't find any that were in my price range (really cheap).  So when I saw these heart shaped baskets at the dollar store 2 for a buck...I figured for the price I would make them work.

I added a little ribbon and scrap fabric to fancy them up.  Then tied the cute lOve notes tag to the handle.

I found these frames at the dollar store, too.  Thought the looked pretty decent for the price...and even better once I put the cute print in them.
Edited to add: sorry! originally forgot to link the Love One Another print...fixed now :)

For our activity we'll make up our lOve noTe baSkets and talk about the importance of letting those around us know how much we lOve them.  I think this would make the perfect activity for FHE on Valentines (since it does fall on Monday this year!).

So go now and make up your own lOve baSket, share some lOve with the ones that you lOve.

10 comments: said...

Thank you for this, I have been searching for something to do with hubby for V-Day with out dishing out the big bucks!

Bentleys said...

We do post its too but this is sooo cute!! What font is it?

Sheen said...

love your blog! thanks for sharing your cute ideas!

gillian said...

Hey! ADORABLE project! I am so going to use this! Love it all. You sound like an amazing leader. Guess what? I awarded you as a stylish blogger on my blog- check it out!

Crafts and Deals said...

What a cute idea!! Thanks for sharing!

just jayma said...

Where did the cute 'love one another' print come from? I "love" this idea! =)

the fiCkLe piCkLe said...


I'm not sure of the font, I just copied the 'love notes' card and made another in Photoshop....does that make sense?

Thanks so much for the award and kind comments! By the way, my name is Stacie. Guess I should put that on here somewhere, eh.

I linked up where I got the print on the original's also Becky Higgins.

Hope that helps!

Stac aka the fiCkLe piCkLe

Taylor Aplanalp said...

Hi Stacie
You are a lifesaver. I originally printed out this idea but forgot to bookmark where it was from. I thought it was Becky Higgins but couldn't find it when I went back to her free printables. I've been wanting to do this idea so when i came across it on your blog today-it was like Christmas:) I love your blog! Thanks for the cute ideas.

Is there any way you could link your "love notes" note to the AD girls since I don't have photoshop and can't do it myself?

I would really appreciate it:)))

Thanks so much

Unknown said...

I keep checking to see if you've linked your AD love note, since I'm not as good on photo shop as you are! Please, please add your file! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Used this idea for activity days this week. Here's the pics on my blog if you want to take a peek! I linked to you. Thanks for the inspiration!