Friday, June 25, 2010

Oh, hi there...

It's been a while.  And while there are several reasons as to why I have not been here wasting my (and everyone elses) time, I'm gonna wrap it up in one nice little package and blame it on
We've been having a bit of it here...and enjoying it, too. 

So here I am, checking in. Saying hi.  And letting you know it may be hit and miss here for the next few...but I'm sure you can handle it.  I hope you're having some of your own summer.

In the mean time here's a great Father's day gift idea...hee, hee...a little late, I know...but whatever.  Father's day comes every year, right?

We (Activity Day GirLs) made this little snack to give to our dads for father's day...another quick and easy one.

A little root beer, a little microwave popcorn, some curly ribbon and another cheesy's what you get...

"RoOt rOot for DaD!"

"You're the beSt PoP around!"

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