Monday, January 25, 2010

The PoM pOm Gone WrOnG wRoNg

I've been helping my mom a little with some decorations for a meeting she's having at chruch (a.k.a. Visiting Teaching Conference).  Anyway, we had the idea to make some PoM pOm topiary thingys, so I got started on few of them the other night.  Well.  It didn't go so well.  I have made these before and they actually did turn out...but this time I was not so lucky...or...maybe I was.  After I decided the poms were not going the way I wanted, I decided to take a detour and ended coming up with a little V-day decoration for myself.  Anybody else ever start out with one thing in mind and end up with something completely different in the end?  I do...a lot.

I took the would be pom poms and cut them in half and stuffed them into a basket with some bright green hydrangeas (fake) I had on my coffee table.  I kinda liked the color combo, especially for Valentines.  So the wheels started spining.  I remembered a post I saw here the other day and used it as my inspiration.  And would you believe it...I ended up with yet another banner to hang across my mantle (I'm donating the LOVE banner to Etsy).  This one is a bit different though...

The PoM pOm Banner.

I used scrap paper and newspaper (that the hubs went and dug out of the snow for me very late that evening) to make the smaller poms.  Funny thing is, we don't get the paper...somehow we ended up with a one on our driveway??  Hope the neighbor isn't missing their sports page...cause I do believe most of it is hanging above my fireplace at the moment.  Oops.  Just a note to you all, leave your belongings in my yard at your own risk  :)

It's kind of fun having bits of pink around the house, it's not a popular color in this home.  I'm alone in my girly here.  There are boys everywhere I look.  So far there have not been any complaints...but I'm just waiting.  My 3 year old wants nothing to do with PiNk and often tells me "it fo gwirls"!  Perhaps that's why I'm sharing it here...hoping somebody will appreciate it.  Wouldn't these be fun for a birthday party?

**Winner will be announced sometime in the morning (tuesday)...I'm very excited.  Thanks to all who have entered and shown interest.  You're all very kind.**

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Karen said...

LOVE IT!!!! please tell us you're going to give us a 'tut' on how you did this and how you did the pom poms....