Monday, January 11, 2010

On Your Mark. Get Set. PaRtY!

So as promised I am posting a bit of the party we held for my little guy last week.  I should mention that he is a HuGe fan of race cars...HuGe!  Considering this we (actually the hubby) came up with the idea for a pinewood derby.  A day at the RaCEs for this 3 year old.  Really, it ended up being a party for ALL ages...the BiG boys had just as much fun as the little ones.

Before I unload a mass of pictures I feel I should disclose:  I had to hold the party in the church gym/basketball court in order to fit the race track :P, not ideal for decorating, but we made do.  Also, the pics aren't great because I played the part of party thrower/food preparer/decorator/photographer...thus there was little time to get the pictures I really wanted.  Plus the lighting sucks in that gym :P, again not ideal.  Next time I'm hiring a photographer...Kimmy (wink, wink) :)  Alright, that being's how it all went down.

First the food, it should always come first shouldn't it? 
The CoNsesSiOns StaNd (aka JuNk feSt)

Never mind that wierdo in the pic, we're not sure who invited him :)

Store bought cupcakes and cake...this is where I draw the line, there's only so much I can do in one day.  Plus I'm not a good cook.

The tables (not a great pic)...I used a black table cloth and yellow create paper to make lines down the middle of the "road".  Then threw down every matchbox car I could find.  Cheap, easy decor.

I happen to have an amazing brother who painted up a few cut-outs of my kids in cars of their choice.

Favors for the kiddos.
Race Helmets.

Pit passes.


The Certificates of Award.

The RaCE CaRs. 
Everyone got so creative with their cars...loved it!

Bet you can't guess which was mine...(hint: it's PiNk)

And those were just the ones I was able to bring home and get a good picture of!  Here's the full line up.

The Track and the RacinG.

The Crowd.

The Birthday Boy all decked out.

I, of course, had to alter his shirt a bit...

And, the Photo Shoot.  A few of the cute kids that were brave enough to get their pic taken.

It turned out to be such a good time.  I'm so happy everyone (young and old) came and participated in the madness and were good sports about having to craft up a car (some multiple cars) in the middle of the busy holiday season.  Thanks to you all for coming and making Cannon's 3rd one to remember!


Jill said...

Good heavens. You and Alexis have talent and creativity oozing out of yourselves when it comes to decorating and party planning. Very cute!

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness. I'm almost kinda speechless. lol You know how to go all out, huh? What a lucky boy your Cannon is. That party rocked! :)