Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Journal Jar Questions

Here are the questions I used for my Journal Jars.  These can also be adapted to use inYoung Womens also.  Just copy and paste to Word, then print.

Who are some of my favorite people? Why?
Who am I closest to in my immediate family? How did our relationship grow?
What are my goals and dreams?

What do I look like?

Who is my best friend? What is she/he like?

Who are some of my "school friends"?

Have I ever learned something from being in an argument with someone? If yes, what?

What is the most valuable principle I've learned through my experiences with others?

What is my most embarrassing moment?

When was I the most proud of myself?

When were my parents most proud of me?

Have I ever stood up for what I believe, even when it was very hard? When?

What are some of my jobs at home?

What does my bedroom look like? Do I share a room? Am I comfortable in my room? What do I like best about my room?

Have I ever written a story, poem, or song I would like to add to my journal?

Who are my church leaders?

Who's my favorite school teacher? Why?

What do I think of myself?

What is the weirdest dream I've ever had?

Do I like school? Why?

What's my best subject in school?

What's my least favorite subject in school?

Am I involved in any clubs or extra-curricular activities? (Sports, dance, choir, etc.)

Who is the prophet of the church right now? What am I learning from him?

What are some events that are happening in the world right now? (Include newspaper clippings).

Who is my favorite General Authority speaker? Why?

What has been a General Conference talk that has had an impact on me?

Describe a time when I felt the spirit very strongly.

What is my most favorite thing to do at home?

What's my most favorite movie, book, poem or song?

What are some of my talents?

Do I enjoy my everyday life? What's it like?

What's my favorite Christmas memory?

What's my favorite Christmas present I remember getting?

What are my favorite family holiday traditions?

Do I have a testimony? Write it down.

Where is my most favorite place to go, what is it like?

Have I ever had a "crush" on someone? Who, and do I still like him now? Describe him, and what attracts you to him.

Do I have a favorite sport, talent, etc.?

Describe each member of my family in my journal.

What's the best thing I've ever done with my life?

What is my favorite area in nature?

What pets have I had? Which one was my favorite?

What is my full name and who am I named after? If I could change it, what would I call myself?

What is my favorite scripture and what thoughts or feelings does it provoke?

Has anything major happened since the last time I wrote in my journal?

If I've received my patriarchal blessing, what is the most significant part to me?

Describe a time when I lost myself in the service of someone else. How did it feel?

Who are my Primary teachers right now and how have they taught me the values?

What is my favorite food? When I cook for my family, what do I enjoy making most?

What childhood experiences do I remember, (funny stories, accidents, memories playing, etc.)?

What's my favorite music group? Why?

What's my favorite movie?

What's my favorite book in the scriptures? Why?

What has been my favorite Activity Days Activity?

What's my home life like? How could I improve or strengthen it?

What are my goals for the future?

What do I want to do after I get out of school?

What talents do I have that I want to strengthen?

What challenge or trial do I really want to overcome? How am I going to do it?

Am I a good communicator? How can I improve this?

Am I a good listener? How can I improve this?

Am I a forgiving person? Is there anyone I need to forgive and what's the game plan?

Am I a good friend to other people? If so, how? If not, what can I do to improve this?

What can I do to strengthen my testimony?

Did I have a blanket or a favorite toy growing up?

What was my favorite birthday? What was the best birthday gift I ever got?

Write about feeling loved and by whom.

Write about something or someone in your life who helped to grow and change.

Write about having to apologize to someone and patch things up.

What are the things I love and admire about my mother?

What are the things I love and admire about my father?

What are my relationships like with my brothers/sisters?

What was I into when I was a child? (Barbie, My Little Pony, etc.)

Who was my favorite elementary school teacher?

What has been my favorite family vacation? Why?

What do I know about my grandfathers?

What do I know about my grandmothers?

Am I close to any aunts, uncles or cousins?

Have I ever done baptisms for the dead? What did I think and feel about it?

Describe your favorite summer activities.

Describe your favorite winter activities.

What qualities do I want in a husband?

What kind of mother/wife do I want to be?

Do I have any favorite names for future children?

If I could live anywhere, where would it be? Why?

If I could have anything I wanted out of life, what would it be?

What do I know about my Savior? What are feelings about Him?

What are my goals for making it back to live with my Father in Heaven?

Write about something you are grateful for.

Write your feelings about the scriptures.

Write about how a prayer was answered.

Write about something that drives you batty.

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Emma said...

I LOVE your blog! I use it all the time for Young Women activities! Thanks for the questions- I know our girls' will love them!