Friday, April 24, 2009

HeRe's tHe 'DiLL'

Okay, here's the 'diLL'. I started making these little shirts just for fun (and to practice my sewing skills) and they soon took over my kitchen, family room and boys closets...I'm hooked. So I have decided to make a variety (there's that fiCkLe thing coming in) and post them here. I will be opening up an Etsy shop soon, but for the time being you are welcome to look at and purchase them from here. I would love to give more away but in speaking with my accountant he said it was not ecnomically feasible and suggested otherwise :) So instead, I have a special 'DiLL' for you..for this first week's GraNd OpeNinG I will be selling the t-shirts for $10.00 and the onesies for $8.00, prices will go up after next Saturday. If you are interested leave me a comment with your info (name, a way to get in touch with you, and the item(s) and sizes you are interested in). I am also willing to do custom orders, just leave info on what you are interested in.


The Ashton Hills said...

Awesome selection!!!

Hayden would like a:

Blue and brown sunflower on the blue shirt in a size 6X.

And have you done anymore pillows similar to Hayden's CTR one? If you think that's something you would be interested in adding, Hunter could use something along the sports theme in reds, blues and/or beige. (I can e-mail you a pic of Hayden's if you need a reminder.)


Megan said...

Stacie, i LOOOOVE them ALL!!!

I want a 6-9 mo. brown demask tie onsie!!

and a 3T blue-green dot tie shirt :)

umm...AND a 3T Hoot Owl shirt! that's it :)

email me @ with your address and i can send you a check if that works for you. I can do whatever you want though :)


Megan said...

k, actually can i change it to a 9-12 mo. onsie??? thanks!! :)

The Carrolls said...

I love the pirate skull one you did. I want that one for Michael. I'm not sure what size he is so call me or I'll talk to you at mom and dad's

the kings said...

Actually pretty good work!! I really do like the guitar ones - I would totally want one of those for Jaxon. And I liked all the others as well. I think the only one I don't really like is the monogram one... but, I, as the dad, usually have very little input into what clothing the kids wear. My next question is: when are you going to China to see how cheap they can make these for you? :) I can totally see the moms of the world going nuts over these... good luck! I also love the name fickle pickle. Very cool.


britt said...

Hi, this is Britt, Meg's cousin. I really want some of your shirts. Maybe we should talk. I love the flower one and need two, I also want two monogrammed tees.I think I want the flower ones to be the same and then the E ones to be different colors. I can send you the shirts if you wan me to, Target has cute plain tees... whatever is best for you. You do such CUTE work. You may have been to my parent's house, they live a block south of Jim and Marilyn. Thanks and please be in-touch. Britt

britt said...

It's britt again, I had your site open and a co-worker saw it...she wants 2T "I'm a hoot" on white and 2T black and white "checkered tie" on white. I may have more as the day goes on.

Should I be sending you $$$

britt said...

Oh boy, here's a BIG order, I showed our counselor and she LOVED them.
Daisy stripe girl's 8 on pink
Birdie gir's 8 on white
Superstar 2T boy on white
Let's roll 2T boy on orange
Guitar girl 8 (make it girly)
"Z" 2T boy on blue
guitar 2T boy bluedot on grey
pirate skull 2T boy on white
"S' 3T girl on white
birdie 3T girl on white
dandelion 3T girl on white
"I" 3-6mo girl onesie, white
"L" 3T girl on white
Daisy multi 3T girl on white

Rush order if possible:
birthday "1" boy on white 18mo
"G" 18mo boy on blue
"Z" 5T girl on white

WOWSERS, thanks!
Hope you're not overwhelmed:)

britt said...

If you can't find a zebra print, black and whit anything would be cute.

Pitcher family said...

these are so cute! I am a friend of kims and got the link from her blog.
-12 month shirt blue dot guitar
-Blue and brown flower on a white shirt in 24 months
Thanks email me at

The Carrolls said...

I saw the cutest t-shirt with a frog on it. That would be a way cute applique if you want to try something new.

Anonymous said...

I love your shirts! I am Jacque's neighbor, she told me about your site. I would love to order several shirts at your discounted price, I will post the order later today thanks.