Wednesday, October 6, 2010

PLaNniNG a PaRtY?

So I'm sitting here eating my breakfast rice krispie treat this morning (I can count it as breakfast cause there's cereal in it, right?) looking through emails and I pull up one up from Jillian at (thanks for filling me in, by the way) who tells me I've been featured on one of my very favorite blogs...DeSiGn DaZzLe.

Design Dazzle

Have you been there?  If not you must go!  This is where I steaL  get a lot of my party inspiration, not to mention kids room decorating ideas...really good stuff!  I really cannot believe that my party made the cut.  Very flattered to be in such creative company. 
And if there isn't enough inspiration there for ya, you need to go here or here for even more party inspiration.  I had no idea of this site/blog until this morning...and could totally have used it before now!  Tons of great ideas!!

I'm always happy to learn of new blogs to visit and had to share these with you with you so you can benefit, too! 
HapPy PaRty PLanNinG!


Ashley said...

Thanks for posting these! I've been meaning to talk to you, because we've decided to try and give Adalyn a small party this year. Have any princess ideas on the cheap?

Andrea said...

You need to take a quick look at my queenbandme.blogspot. I had SO much fun planning my daughters Princess Pirate Party. Let me know what you think!