Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I'm Back...with a 'DiLL'!!

Well I'm back, refreshed and ready to go...back on vacation :)
Fireworks . Pictures, Images and Photos
Okay, really I am here AND I have got a 4th of JuLy 'DiLL'. Apparently I suck at guessing sizes and have a closet full of ReD WhiTe & BLuE that still needs to go...like THIS week. So here you go...ALL of the 4th of JuLy collection (click on '4th of July over to the right, under 'Labels') is on sale as of today.

Onesies will be $6.00

Tee's will be $8

and, what the heck,
$8 for the Tanks too.

This is first come first serve. The sizes of all of the shirts are posted BELOW the shirt and once they're gone...they're gone. I won't be making more of these styles. So if you are interested please email me @ befickle@gmail.com and we'll work out the payment situation. DO NOT purchase them through PayPal, or you will end up paying full price. I'm really hoping to get rid of these this week, the fireworks start flyin' next week. YaHoo!!
Oh, I have one more ReD WhiTe & BLuE tutu...

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