Thursday, April 22, 2010

I don't do tea parties.

So I was put in charge of decorating for a little "Mom's and Muffins" get together we're having for ALL of the Acitivity Day girls and their moms here in the next couple of weeks.  That means 30 plus girls (ages 8-11) and their moms will be in attendence...yikes.  The 'theme' or 'style' for the party is going to be 'Garden Tea Party'...and I'm not real sure I know what that is.  You see, I grew up with one little brother and now have little boys of my own and none of the previously mentioned have ever requested to have a garden tea party with me...ever.

So needless to say, this stresses me out just a bit (okay, not really, but I hope I'm going in the right direction here).  I've been practicing staging my tables (yes, I'm just THAT stupid and crazy) and here's what I've come up with so far...please feel free to express any thoughts, opinions, insight, judgements, HELP!! where necessary.

See those little silver trays (above)?  I got those at the dollar store.  SeriousLy!  And all of the 'tea cups' (really probably just mugs) at the DI.  I think I got all 15 or so for 4 dollars and 50 cents.  Really $4.50!  Not bad seeing as that's probably right back where they're going.

I made these rosette flower ball thingys out of crepe paper, styrofoam balls and a little hot glue.  Found this idea here...although, I may have altered mine a bit just to get them done quicker.  They took a lot longer than expected.

The rest of the stuff I found around my house (and my mom's).  These place mats are my mom's and where handsitched by my grandma.  I cannot believe her french knots!  Perfect.  Every single one of them.  They're simple and facy at the same time...and they say tea party to me.

The lace table cloth was my great grandma's, one that she used on her dinning table regularly.  It makes me want to dress up my table every night for dinner...although, I'm sure my meals would just disgrace a fancy table setting.  Really, there's no need to dress up anything when I'm cookin'.

So, what do you think?  Tea party-ish? 
Whether it is or not, it's been fun digging through this stuff that once graced the tables of my grandmothers.
I'm sure they would know how to through a {tea} party!

P.S.  Anybody know where I can find a fancy hat?  Ya know, the big brimmed kind.  Something else I don't do...the fancy hat.


Connie said...

You did a fabulous job and what great deals you got!

daniella said...

I think it looks awesome! What lucky moms and little girls!!

Kerri Marie said...

Found your blog through the creative crate and I Love these! They are beautiful. Those girls are lucky!

Bethany said...

That looks like the perfect tea party to me! And I would love to know how you altered your crepe paper rose project. I decided to do a wreath and 3 movies later I am still not done. Yuck. I am not a fan of long tedious projects.