Friday, May 28, 2010

Fun Freezer Paper Tees

So I've had these on my desk (er, craft table) for quite some time now waiting to be finished up. 
Another take on the tee.  Freezer paper stenciling.  Have you seen these around?  I've seen them here and there and thought I would try my hand at them.  They are so fun and not too hard to do!  I've made a couple of them now and will show each one for the next couple of days as to not make this post super long.

First I found some plain front tees ( boys LOVE the muscle tees) and a bit of fabric paint (Joanns).  I already had the freezer paper from previous I was off to make my tees.

I decided to start with a shirt for my 3 year old.  He has outgrown his favorite t-shirt (finally!), a pirate t-shirt, but he cannot bring himself to 'hang it up' for good...still tries to sneak it on, EVERY DAY, and I'm afraid it is no longer containing his little belly. So to make this transition a little eaiser for him (and me) I made up a new pirate shirt using this template for the skull and crossbones.

Here's how it turned out...

After I stenciled the skull I added some applique...

And then a little embroidery stitching...

He is a huge fan!  He tells me almost daily, "I wuv my new pirate shirt, Momma!"

And that's good enough for me.  ArrGh.

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